Afrientation 05

Goal –The Goal shall be; (1.) grassroot knowledge of understanding what is really the meaning with all the three terms; local library, art gallery and museum is firstly, to house script scribed by the natives of a given place; local language is mouth/ speech, a resource for humanity primary education therefore, “mother language” should be one of the values every human being can define in his/ her mother language. (2.)  SDG4 quality education by 2030 will succeed to inspire children and youths to do Africa studies and by the way, what is Africa studies without Africa History in curriculum books? (3.) Yes, to mother language participatory seminars at grassroots given the comparative method chart; the stages from Neo word sound to Proto Classical Negro Egyptian! If we really mean seriously about SDG4 by 2030 and Africa to come close to middle income class; cannot be if you are going to stand against us! BUY the idea is to awaken a peoples’ conscious about who they are, and how, mother language should mean for them now, and for ever (see figure below, part III seminar materials and guidelines)! (4.) Welcome for dialogue and advocacy with activists and small civic society organization.




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