Why is Africa History not in School Curriculum Books?

996234843-AVwDHA.Org Appreciate the initiatives of Ranykemet for beginners. As an important tool for Africa studies. This tool will help Especially People of Africa Origin to retrieve latent wisdom about Africa Culture History. Some of us are lucky in the sense that we now know Africa History was pulled out of School Curriculum Books. Moreover, the majority have no idea therefore still believe that Africa has no History. If you take the trouble to learn Ranykemet; spoken language in Ancient Africa, is when you begin to see what is missing in your Education system. So, why not get-up, stand-up now 

  1. Importantly, what does it mean to do Africa Studies when the students are ignorant of what is lying in Kemet archives?
  2. Consequently, Africa Studies demands general knowledge of Africa in Antiquity just like Europe sets demands for entering to live in Europe/ USA learn their language, learn their culture if you do not full-fill these basic requirements, you are simply some tourists. The same will demand of Africa Studies worker in Africa must have basic Studies of Ranykemet – spoken language in Ancient
  3. Everyone who wants to use a PC cannot do that without basic knowledge of IT the same must apply for workers in Africa learn basic Ranykemet