Towards Africa Value in Thoughts Creativeness – DID

Walujjo 03c

Africa Value in Thought, Creativeness – DID. Historical Africa; “to receive”, is to bless and be blessed for there is an assumption that there is plenty from where it is coming from. And so, by receiving, you enable that the gift within them to grow bigger, and to flow better. And so, you are giving them a blessing, while blessing yourself. And so, to receive is a blessing… Now, “Take” is different. Taking means that there is an assumption that you do not have enough! So, and therefore, you must fight for every space, regardless of whether there is enough or not. It is as if the world owes to you.  Therefore, you must help yourself by imposing your self-styled give to others. Whether the others are willing or not. And even when we examine the analogy of receiving verses the analogy of taking these are completely different. Right, let us experiment on it – how do you receive? Your hand opens to receive. On the other hand, to take your hand folds into a fist so there is almost a force that goes with takingPromote your Local Historia; indeed your Cultural Library so that we free ourselves from pseudo scholarship, and re-orient to Educations’ purpose. Let us look to Africa Language resources …

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